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How To Kill a Rat

How To Kill a Rat

How to kill rats From Home, surely we often enter homes instead ??? mice, rats Yup rodents is very disturbing us, besides disgusting, Rat also are carriers of the disease, you know. disease tetularkan by mice, among others, the most famous is typhoid disease, besides that mice also transmit various other diseases Salmonellosis, leptospirosis, rickettsial, Rodent-borne haemorrhagic fevers and corpulent other dangerous diseases.
How To Kill a Rat
How To Kill a Rat

How to kill rats From Home

Rats are very annoying, Houses strong as any walls, ditembu also by the rats. nah there are several ways to repel mice the source of this dangerous disease, among other things:

Powerful Ways to eliminate Rat At home

Rat poison

In stores ata many markets that sell all kinds of brand rat poison, which is certainly a powerful eradicate rats. But this rat poison actually have great risk to us, because a rat poison that has the potential to spread to every corner of the house dilahapnya before the rat modar. So the risk is very large.

Maintaining Cats

Yach is that until today is done by most people who live in villages, they keep the cat, so that the mice did not dare to approach the house that maintain both the cat. But if observed, cats that are kept in the cities koq seems already "friends" with rats, cats see the city, indifferently for mercy, mice were passing near them even diliatinnya only.

Rat trap

There are two models of mouse traps, the first model of confinement that kesua models serrated jaws, for those who like to torture mice is quite fitting both models, the first mouse to be entered in the cage and could not get out again, way off by the water soaked up dead. If that is the risk slightly, palingan our feet so the victim alone (like in the film dono:-)) if we nginjak tuh trap.

Electronic Rat repellent tool

rat repellent tool

Tools rodent with electrical system is a recent innovation to repel mice. The existence of a rat at home is very disturbing and harmful, Rats are known as carriers of various diseases. In addition, rats also cause damage in the house, because of the start of shoes, clothes, and furniture damaged by rodents. Keith again very dangerous rat urine, the urine of mice to cause disease Leptospirosis or rat urine disease that can lead to death. Various methods are used to catch mice, in general, people using conventional methods such as trapping or give a rat poison. But the way is not safe, especially when using rat poison, rat will die disembarang place, giving rise to odors and other diseases again. And by the way if we can repel rats with right? We provide solutions, namely rodent electrical equipment, with this tool other than the rat repellent is very safe, the tool is also very easy to use.

Function Tool Electrical rodent

In addition serves to repel rodents in your home rodent tool is also useful to repel pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other. This tool is quite practical, lightweight and very portable also odorless. Besides, this tool is fairly cheap, because only once you've bought can use it repeatedly.

How it Works rodent Electrical Equipment
How it works rat repellent electrical appliance is to emit ultrasonic sound waves are safe for humans and the environment, because the ultrasonic sound produced is very low so it will not interfere with human hearing yet powerful enough to repel mice. For penggunaannyapun easy, just plug this device into a power outlet then this tool will work automatically. One unit of rat repellent tool can repel mice to a radius of 200 square meters.

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